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The career clinic is designed to be an open minded, confidential and constructive environment, where you can converse. We will support you at each step along your program. We will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns.

Our vision

During your career, you will face some challenges as we all do. Most of the time, we can handle it by ourselves. In Canada, with a different culture, we sometimes need to be surrounding by experts and outside eyes to help us thrive through these challenges.

Since 2015, we helped more than 500 people, and we believe our unique and holistic approach will make a difference in your professional path. In Canada, we have the opportunity to thrive and reinvent oneself. Now, it is time for you to grow your career!

Coaching with a team

Le Village

We need to be surrounded by people to grow as a child. Why are we reluctant to do the same as an adult? We offer you the opportunity to build a support team together, and we will bring experts to add more value to your team.

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Career Focus

As your career moves forward, we will support you with a custom plan based on your goals. Career Focus will provide you sessions with different experts, curated on your needs, whatever you need to achieve in your professional life.

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Accelerate your integration
in Canada


This one-hour meeting is designed to facilitate your integration in Canada. Our volunteers have successfully overcome the challenges that you are about to experience, so, as a member, why don’t you take advantage of their knowledge, and schedule a personalized approach.

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Job Boost

Sometimes we need an outside point of view on our challenges. We have successfully overcome the challenges that you are experiencing, so we can now help you. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that matters to you to get a job or improve your career.

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What they can say about us

I wanted to thank all the BC Talent team for its availability! I was able to talk with Julien to better understand the Canadian culture, its manners, and the appropriate attitudes ... I now have something to work effectively on my profile, résumé ... both orally and in writing.
Vincent Vanackere
arrived in Vancouver in
October 2018

Be well surrounded & Grow

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You can schedule a 15 minutes call with our team. We will be able to review your options together and see what is the best option for you. You will have the opportunity to ask all questions regarding our offers.