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We help talented bilingual (French-English) individuals to immigrate to Canada with a job. More than 100,000 bilingual jobs are posted each year in Canada. All these qualified jobs are in different industries and require you to speak French and English (levels can vary). Get closer to your Canadian dream today!

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Our Promise To You


This service is free for the candidates. We will connect you with specific companies that are looking for your expertise. When you have a job offer, it will be your responsibility to pay for the working visa and the flight to come to Canada.


We do believe that career change should stay simple. Our 4 step process and our questions are designed to ensure that you will be ready to move and work in Canada. It also helps your future employers to know you better.


If you are eligible to work in Canada and bilingual, regardless of your English level, we will contact you. We offer our services without any discriminations regardless of your age, citizenship, background, or more.

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One of our team members will contact you to schedule a 15 minute video call to review your profile and narrow down the possible job opportunities.

We will ask you questions to get to know you better and to have a better understanding of your goals. You will have the opportunity to share your resume with us too.

Shortly after our talk, we will follow-up with you with some advice and guidance. During this waiting time, it is in your best interest to use it to learn more about Canada.

In the following weeks and months, we will send out emails and updates. When a company picks up your profile, we will contact you to put you in contact with them.

Due to the high volume of demand, we will give priority to our members. If you have more questions, you can check our FAQ.

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Why choose BC Talents?


We have strong relationships with employers across Canada that are looking for bilingual employees. They recognize the quality of our candidates and our community.


Since 2015, we have been helping more than 500 people to understand the cultural difference in the workplace to enjoy their career in Canada and thrive in their new environment.


We are based in Vancouver, and our sister brand GTA Talents is based in Toronto. Every week, we meet employers and get informed of their lastest positions available.

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We welcome bilingual people of different levels (Check your level here) to apply to the pool. We will get back to everyone, but we are giving priorities to our members. If you have any doubts or questions, check our FAQ.