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How much does it cost to apply to this service?

Nothing! There is absolutely no charge for you to apply to our pool. Creating an account is free and open to anyone eligible for a visa in Canada. (we accept people that already have their visa). Apply now! Our service is free, however once offered a job, the visa fees, flight, and relative expenses will be your responsibilities.

Am I eligible for a visa in Canada?

You would be eligible for a visa if you are Francophone, qualified to work in managerial, professional, technical or skilled trades occupations (NOC 0, A or B) and willing to move in a Canadian province (outside of Quebec). If you want to learn more, your can visit IRCC website.

What is a qualified job?

Canada uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to classify jobs (occupations). The immigration program requires you to be qualified with a position classified as a skill level 0, A or B. You can read more about it here, and look for your job classification.

How do I book an appointment with you?

Once you applied to the pool, we will get in touch with you to set up the first call. In the meantime, if you have more questions, you can always contact us on social media and through the chat on the website.

How can I evaluate my English level? 

To help you evaluate your English level, we suggest you test it with Duolingo. The test is affordable and is equivalent to a TOEFL or an IELTS English test. Check the offer.

How long does the process usually take?

The length of the process would vary depending on the needs of the market. As soon as a company is interested in your profile, you would put in contact with them. Most of the candidates get put in touch with companies in the first month.

Should I be a member to access this service?

We will prioritize our members for the treatment of your demand. Being a member will help you to be ready for your Canadian life, and gives you access to even more perks. However, you don't have to be a member to access this service; it might just take longer for us to get in touch. We will contact you in any case.

Could you help me with the resume?

Of course. Though we can't write your resume for you, we did gather the best tips to help you with the resume. Our website is full of resources. You could have a look at our "7 Tips to Write a Good Resume" post.

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How does it work?

What can I ask to BC Talents?

You can ask us anything! We are pretty good experts with questions regarding employment in Canada in general (job search, resume improvement, companies culture & values, culture gap in the workplace, network, LinkedIn, and many other subjects). If you have any other questions, we will be happy to guide you towards other French-speaking organizations with links to their websites.

Why do I have to give my email address?

When you give your email address to submit your question on the platform, you receive one email with a link to the conversation you started. Whether it's during the Live or after it has ended, you will be able to go back to the conversation and trace back the answers that were given, thanks to that email!

How do I ask my question?

Simply enter your name and email address in the required fields, and write your question. The question will be posted on the platform and we will receive it right away.

Will it be visible by everyone?

Yes, it will. As soon as you post your question on the Live platform, it will be visible by you as well as your friends, family, and network.

Do you answer right away?

We do! Our team of volunteers is behind the scenes to share information and help you out!

How can I reply?

You can click on the "reply" button and write your message.

What do the pictograms mean?

The plug means you are signed in on the platform! The number with little people beside it represents how many people are signed in on the platform at the same time as you are.

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