Bilingual Customer Experience Associate

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May 16, 2016
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July 18, 2017
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The Bilingual Customer Experience Associate is responsible for supporting and processing transactions for the daily operations of our e-commerce business.

The Role

The Bilingual Customer Experience Associate is a valuable member of the team who exceeds customer service standards and brings forward issues & ideas for improvement; he/she is an advocate for the customer and the customer experience. He/she works diligently with sensitive customer information and vigorously upholds Privacy/Security standards.

The Bilingual Customer Experience Associate is responsible for supporting and processing transactions for the daily operations of our e-commerce business, and researching, resolving and responding to consumer concerns that are from/includes: 

- Best Buy Canada’s e-commerce business, call centers, stores, depots and other business partners complaints

- Media complaints (social media, television, newspaper and radio), this may include providing a statement as a Best Buy spokesperson

- Delicate consumer privacy issues

- Responding to emails, phone calls, and letters directed to the CEO and other executives

- Assisting in cases involving claims of discrimination, theft, injury, damage, violence, and fraud

- Year-round maintenance of review through 3rd party organizations (Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc.)

Escalations are often complex and carry with them very high levels of visibility and executive interest. Resolutions often involve intense research, negotiation, and the use of a settlement agreement in partnership with Legal. This is the highest level of consumer escalation outside litigation. The Customer Experience Associate will respond to these complaints on behalf of the CEO and other executives via email, phone, standard mail, and occasional face-to-face interactions.

This position will also frequently communicate with various external business partners such as Better Business Bureau, vendors, and service providers. Therefore, this role requires stellar verbal and written communication skills and flexibility in an ever-changing multi-channel business environment. The Customer Experience Associate will be empowered and expected to provide solutions aimed at protecting the brand and protecting the customer, bringing all Best Buy-related escalations to closure. They have discretion to settle customer disputes with resolutions occasionally averaging hundreds of dollars. They will partner with Legal and PR on high risk/high profile cases. In all instances, this is crucial as the quality of response and solution will play a role in the future relationship between the organization and the customer.


Customer Facing Interactions

- Written and verbal customer communication through phone, email and letter correspondence

- Providing on-call support and responding quickly to urgent issues and requests from executives and other leadership

- Work as a team to resolve complex escalations

- Working directly with leadership to respond to high escalated customers

- Utilizing the SOPs, and partnership with other teams and leaders (Legal, LP, CDS, MCL, Retail Ops, etc.) to resolve complex escalations

- Influencing others (store, Geek Squad, depot, etc.) to resolving the customer’s concern and protect and enhance the brand of Best Buy and its Executives and Officers

- Sales and up-sales of services may be required in certain types of customer interactions

Order Management Transactional Processing

-Processing includes, but is not limited to Price Protections, GC, Order Verification, Credit Escalations, Lost Shipments, Home Delivery Solutions, Short Shipments, RMA Returns, etc.

Research/Preparation for customer interaction

- Responsible for customer facing Reporting on a rotating basis

- Employing multiple Best Buy systems (OIS, RSS, ETK, POS, RMS, CSR App, etc.)

- Maintaining working relationship with other teams and leaders (Legal, LP, CDS, MCL, Retail Ops, etc.)

- Gathering data to be used for further improvements to the Customer Experience

- Providing support and feedback to other partners and teams

- Gather data and assisting in root cause analyses and SOP updates

- Sharing best practices to set benchmark for customer excellence for the team

Documentation and Case Administration

- Communication through updated case notes in OIS and SharePoint that are clear and concise, updated appropriately

- balancing and planning workload to meet service level


- Customer Service Experience – extremely comfortable communicating with customers (Minimum 3 years)

- Customer escalation resolution- considerable problem solving experience, specifically with escalated customer service issues; understands the urgency of the situation (Minimum 2 years)

- Intermediate excel skills and good knowledge of MS Office (1-2 years)

- Call Centre experience – appreciation of call Centre environment & processes helpful

- Fast paced environment, must be able to work under pressure and have good attention to detail

- Flawless communication skills both in verbal and written

- Excellent bilingual (French & English) skills both in verbal and written


- Completion of High School Diploma or Equivalent required

- Associate’s Degree, Trade or Technical School preferred 

- Bachelor’s Degree preferred