Director Technology

10+ years working experience
February 1, 2017
Updated on
August 16, 2017
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If you are ready to be a key part of investment decisions, business case development and product development roadmaps, this is for you.

As a Director Technology, you will take on many exciting roles:

Relationship Manager:

   Builds strong connections with potential and current partner companies as well as leading vendors (Oracle, SAP) around future roadmaps

   Potentially represents TELUS Ventures on Board or Advisory Board seats

Expert in your field:

   Leads technology reviews for Ventures’ existing and potential investments

   Conducts code reviews and management team member assessments

Analytical Whiz:

   Develops, anticipates and presents future technology trends to TELUS business units and senior leadership

   Liaises with Business Unit leads to understand product intersection points and areas of joint or mutual interest

Informed Decision-Maker: Navigates through complex and stressful situations by enacting previous knowledge of software design, systems, and development techniques (including Agile)

Lifelong Learner: Motivated to learn technology concepts, even in areas without direct experience

Proactive Problem-Solver: Understands how to make trade-offs between optimal product design and time to market

Engaging Negotiator: Persuasively shares and challenges ideas in a respectful manner, using proven experience and critical thinking to strengthen your position


Required Skills & Abilities:

   Bilingual in French and English is an asset

Required Professional Designation/Certification:

   A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or the equivalent in practical work experience

   Simply put, you know and love learning about how things actually work

Required Experience:

   Must have leadership experience as a Director, VP or C Level role in Product Development, Product Management, Engineering, etc

   Have had direct hand in delivering real products to market

   Preference for experience in various sized organizations i.e. having led product development or engineering in a both large organization as well as a growth stage company in which products or services received market recognition from customers or partners

   Recognized as a contributor by C Level and previous experience contributing to overall strategy and decision making

   10+ years working experience

   Preference for an individual who has held role(s) that have brought you into contact with various groups across the organization (e.g. Strategy, Emerging Technology, etc)