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August 1, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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CBC/Radio-Canada Vancouver is looking for a full time Switcher-Director.

Under the direction of the Manager, Production Services, direct on-air talent and crew during rehearsal, preparation and presentation of a program or program segment, and perform the related switching and mixing functions. Work is governed by CBC journalistic and/or programming policies, standards and practices, but there is latitude for creativity, initiative and judgment. There is a requirement to coordinate the work of others.

Key Tasks:

   Actively participate in conceiving, planning and developing the program or program segment to which you are assigned including Ross Overdrive development.

   Conceive, plan and develop the program's style and presentation elements, ensuring that they match the program plan and concept. For daily programs, follow the daily program plan, especially with regard to developing production elements, informing production team or crew of any changes or major developments.

   Organize and conduct recordings of certain program segments so that production staff and crew are well prepared.

   Ensure that all program elements are organized, mixed, and ready for use.

   Responsible for ingest, lighting, studio cameras and teleprompter (by operating them or assigning a technician).

   Ensure that all staff required for the program's smooth operation have been scheduled and will be in position, checking with the producer as needed.

   Be responsible for submitting a daily show report and  following up as required.

   Be responsible for ordering and booking satellite links, NGCN, and mobiles.

   You may occasionally have to perform all subordinate duties.

   Give participants and production team members clear instructions throughout the production.

   Consult with other experts involved in the production to ensure the program's audio and visual cohesion, as well as to optimize the production's end-to-end artistic and technical quality.

   Switch and mix and program/code the audio and visual elements included in the production.

   Create audio or visual effects to achieve the program's artistic and technical objectives.

   Design or assemble visual elements from field tapes or stock shots for broadcast (using character generators, the slide library, the editing platform, and other sources).

   Provide feedback on hosts', reporters' and crew members' performances to guide them in their work.

   Perform all other related tasks.


We are looking for a candidate with the following:

   A combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from Community College plus seven years of practical and relevant experience.

   Three years of specialized experience in the news field or remote broadcasting.

   Three years of experience directing programming for air or editing content for on air presentation.

   The ability to work effectively as part of a team.

   Strong organizational skills.

   Knowledge and understanding of News presentation techniques and technological developments that support presentation style.

   Detailed knowledge and understanding of the equipment to be operated as well as other equipment used as inputs to the program. This includes but not exclusive to Avid products (Media Composer/Media Central), Ross Overdrive VizRT, Dejero, Studer and INews.

   Strong computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment including, but not limited to, Photoshop, After Effects, Google Docs

   Strong knowledge of broadcast lighting techniques and configuration

   Demonstrated ability to give clear, concise and timely direction in a manner, which will ensure that the direction is immediately understood and followed.

   Demonstrated ability to articulate the content and presentation objectives of the programs.

   Demonstrated ability to coordinate the work of others in order to meet program presentation deadlines.

   Demonstrated ability to perform multiple tasks in a highly technical/computerized environment and to perform tasks of a live control room director.

   Demonstrated self-starter with initiative and motivation to adapt to new technology.

   Demonstrated ability to work effectively under pressure in a tight deadline environment.

   Ability to work shift work and/or weekends.

   Bilingual (English and French).

   May be asked to do work as a lower classification.

   Digital skills would be a strong asset.

Candidates may be subject to skills and knowledge testing.