Our mentorship program

What is mentoring?

Mentorship  is a long term relationship between two individuals based  on a mutual desire for development towards professionals’ goals and objectives.  In a  mentoring relationship, the two individuals are referred as the “mentor” and the “mentee”. Mentoring provides development opportunities for both  partners, the focus on supporting the growth and development of the mentee.  The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching and support, but not  someone who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in  daily work.

In mentoring, there is no reporting  relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Mentors do not conduct or  provide input to performance reviews. The terms mentoring and coaching are  often used interchangeably, and that is misleading. While similar in their  support of someone's development, they are very different disciplines in  practice.

Why apply to mentoring?

Mentoring brings value to everybody in its  practice: mentees, mentors, and the organization for which they work. Mentees  have an opportunity to gain wisdom from someone who has travelled the path  before them. Mentors have an opportunity to invest themselves in someone who  seeks what they can offer.

Why become a Mentee?

  • Gain, precious advices, encouragement and support from a professional established in Vancouver from the same culture,
  • Have the benefice on the mentor and BC Talents network in Vancouver,
  • Increase your confidence by the fact of having someone who can respond to your questions,
  • Receive help to take better control of your career,
  • Have a better understand of the organization's culture and unspoken rules,
  • Help to clarify and enhance career direction and advancement

Why become a mentor?

  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity,
  • Gain experience as a mentor which can be bring out for your professional career,
  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience in helping someone else to grow,
  • Increase your confidence and motivation,
  • By sharing knowledge, it helps increase your mentor's sense of self-worth,
  • Create a specific relationship with the mentee,
  • Further develop leadership skills including providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Investing in the future of the Sector,
  • Gain fresh perspectives through interaction,