Elizabeth Rush

Associate Member, Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia.

ICBC registered translator (French, English, Spanish) specializing in:

- Academic articles in the humanities and social sciences

- PhD Manuscripts Legal documents (including driver's licence attestations and birth certificates)

- Transcripts, degree certificates and program completion letters

- Short fiction pieces (prose only)

- Interviews

The fee for documents is determined by their length and content, and by the timeframe requested by clients.

Special offer

Elizabeth Rush has a manifold of specials for BC Talents Members.

In addition to her ICBC Translation services, she is willing to give English class specific to native French speaker and correct the common mistakes made by French speakers. To help you having the best deal, she is decreasing the price per person if you attend the class in group (up to 5 people).

And only for BC Talents members, she is organizing interview simulation, group of minimum 2 people up to 8, the goal is to create a role play situation and identify the cultural behaviour you could improve to have a better chance of making a good Canadian impression.