2018: Intentions, not Resolutions

This year 2017 has been a hard year in the Public space. Politics of the “free world” have been shaken with Trump, Kim Jong-un from North Korea, Mrs. Le Pen in France, and much more.

A lot of taboos have also been revealed with #MeToo and all the scandals from the past behaviors of some public figures that used to be our models to some extent.

We also experienced more acts of violence around the world; at our door like in Las Vegas or far away, like the 41 attacks in Somalia during 2017, that killed 788 people.

It also brought some tremendous change in some communities. The same-sex marriage was legalized in Finland, Germany, Australia, Malta, and four more countries. In 17 years, it has gone from illegal to mostly recognized in the world.

We’ve experienced some scientific breakthroughs in our knowledge of the space, nanotechnology, the IA, and medical advancements. Some of these discoveries will change the future far beyond what we can imagine.

All of these events have to be remembered to do better and rise above the expectations in 2018. A lot of us will try to take New Year’s Resolutions to get in better shape, be healthier, save more money for the future, be a better parent at home, get more involved at home, …

And that’s the issue. These resolutions are too big or too blurry to be reached. You will either burnout with an over excessive energy at the start, or give up on the lack of motivation. And it’s normal with this kind of resolutions. Your decision at the start of 2018 has to be anchored deep inside your belief system. It has to be a natural extension of what you are and what you want to be.

This year, instead of Resolutions, set Intentions. It’s simpler, and it goes far beyond this year. It will change your life.

Step 1: Identify

First, you have to identify what you want to change. It can be related to your health, your finance, your relationship, your job, any of them, all of them or even more. Write it down now! Be specific before going to the next step.

Step 2: Find the roots

For each of them, ask yourself why you want that. For each answer to Why?, ask again, until you arrive at a solution that expresses your values and beliefs. Here is an example:

  • I want to go to the gym
  • Why?: I want to be in shape
  • Why?: I want to be able to do what I want when I want
  • Why?: I want to be free

It can also be because you want to be a good parent or a good partner because you want to accomplish more.

There is no judgment behind it. It’s not the time to think if it’s the right reason or not. It’s the time for action! (And, to be honest, if you are open and real to yourself during this exercise, you will find the correct root and reason).

Step 3: Plan and Act

Now, you are your intention. Write in down on board, your fridge, a post-it on a door, anywhere visible! And take action to become who you want to be.

You can add more to what you wanted initially. By being willing to go to the gym, you might now also work on the eating habits, sleeping habits, and how you breathe along the day.

Just by setting up intentions, you might open yourself to a world with more possibilities.

In the end, we tend to forget that our life and destiny are built on the sum of actions and decisions that we take. Without any intention, we won’t have any direction, and we might end up to be out of the course in some months or years. Intentions can make the difference. 

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