Face-to-Face Meeting: Come prepared


By becoming a member of BC Talents, you can request a Face-to-Face meeting with one of our volunteers to discuss your specific situation. In order to get the most out of it for both of you, we ask for your main goal in regards of this meeting and match it organically with the skills, experience or background of one of our volunteers.

Here is a short guideline to come prepared for this Face-to-Face meeting.


  • Be very specific about your goal

As you can not cover all the topics during a Face-to-Face, you might want to write down the main reasons why you asked for this meeting, just so you’re clear. Here are some tips to help you to define your goal. Spend some time and think of the following questions before your Face-to-Face meeting. Your answer has to be summarized in 2 sentences top for each.

- What do I want to achieve?

- What is the career path that I’m looking for?

- How could this Face-to-Face meeting help me change my career path?

  • Get to know the person you’ll be meeting with

You might want to do research on the person you’ll be meeting with to ask relevant questions. Start with easy ones, such as education, current position, current projects before getting more specific. You want both of you to feel comfortable. Remember, that’s a conversation, not a police interrogation!

  • Reach out: before and after

Remember to be specific when you fill out the online form and request a Face-to-Face meeting. Reach out directly to the volunteer, before your meeting, if you can. That is the best way to introduce yourself. Give the volunteer a few information such as your background, what motivated you to move to Vancouver and your goal or aspiration for this Face-to-Face meeting. Do not forget to follow up after the meeting, at least with a “thank you” email.

  • Come prepared

Pick a quiet location and arrive early. You might want to take notes during the meeting, especially if the volunteer gives you the information you want to follow up on.

Here are some key points you may want to think about before the meeting:

  • Identify precisely the points you have been struggling with and ask for advice
  • Identify your professional sub-industry in Canada to ask for clarification or contacts
  • Make sure your title position is relevant
  • Prepare your Elevator pitch and ask for feedback
  • Ask them if you can offer them a drink when they arrive
  • Make sure you’re on the same page

To be successful, you need to know the criteria which you are evaluated on. To fully understand the cultural gap when it comes to hiring processes, job search, skills requirement, culture fit and so on, you may want to watch Lionel Laroche’s video before your Face-to-Face.

It could also be a good topic to start your Face-to-Face with. Just as an icebreaker.

To sum up: do it seriously but stay cool!

Come prepared.

If you want to get the most out of it, do your homework and be ready for it but keep it casual. You’ll have a better ally if you are true to yourself, instead of only asking professional-related questions, especially if you want to follow up. You can be very clear about your professional goals with the volunteer but do not expect them to come with a proper answer right away. This Face-to-Face could be an important step in your career path as long as you consider it as a springboard.

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