Published on
October 29, 2016
BC Talents

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How to get ready for your next network event?

For some of us, the networking in Canada is something new. Nothing to be scared but there are few rules that you should know.


In Canada, punctuality is very important. As in most culture, business relationships are build in respect. The time is an important element. 

Here how the Canadian see the punctuality: “If you are just on time, you are already late!”In your network event, try to be at least 15 minutes early, and use this time to start to network. 


Before to attend to an event, it is important to know the speakers. It is usually easy to find information about speaker on the event page, but it’s not sufficient. In order to engage with the speaker during the event, you should do some research background through LinkedIn, and internet. 

It’s also necessary to know the audience that will attend to the event. Some events pages display all others attendees. This task is to ensure you will talk to your key people in your network target. Whatever you find or not the information on the event page, use LinkedIn or all others professional networks to know more about them. 

Do not hesitate to find anecdotes or commun hobbies or background to have an icebreaker. 

Smart Talk

During the event, use your preliminary work to go to speak to your preferred guests. Don’t spend to much time with only one person, in order to strengthen your network.  

Use your elevator pitch to converse with them and create a connection with informal talks. I don’t want to go more in details about this part, but please come our next Elevator Pitch CONNECTWorking event for more details or read or blog article about it. 

If it goes well and before to go to see another person, do not forget to exchange your business cards (Our partner offers on business card discounts for our members, more information here). 

This will ensure to make a good follow up and show your interested to contact with this person. 


After you hard work, it is time to complete your network. In order to build your network, you should add the persons that you met on your LinkedIn and keep track of what you exchange with them (note on the card or on LinkedIn). 

You should also planned to send them a message a couple weeks after to build the relation that you just created.  

For more details, join us at our next CONNECTWorking