Find out how our mentorship program has helped Céline develop her skills and move towards her professional goal.

As shared with you a few months ago, the mentorship program was successfully launched in September 2016. Several pairs mentor/mentee have been formed since then. Céline Jolivet is one of the mentees taking part in this 9 months program.

Céline, a young entrepreneur

Originally from Lyon in France, Céline arrived in Canada 4 years ago. Having only a temporary work permit at the beginning, it was actually difficult for her to find a job with Vancouverites employers. As a result, she decided to set up her own business: BnB Manager. Céline’s idea was to provide management services to people who wanted to rent their home for a short-term period. Later, she registered for the mentorship program with BC Talents in order to get more organized and develop her company.

Patrick, a passionate mentor

Her mentor, Patrick Gatien, is French Canadian and has gained valuable experience in different sales and marketing roles through the years for a variety of industries and companies. He is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success with their visions and businesses. Fun fact about Patrick: he is 2x Ironman Finisher!

What has come out of this mentee/mentor relationship?

Céine is telling us more about her professional objective and how she benefits from the program and from her relationship with her mentor, Patrick.

How long have you been a mentee with BC Talents? 

Since the end of August 2016.

What was your professional objective when you started the program? 

Develop my business and find a better organization in my daily work tasks.

How far have you progressed since the beginning? 

I have a real better vision now, more methods and tools, and I also set up quantified goals that help me move forward step by step.

How is your relationship with your mentor? 

Great! Patrick is awesome, a great listener and someone that has a real understanding of the problematic as an entrepreneur.

Did you develop any new skill in participating in the program? 

Yes totally: follow up, write down goals, put numbers and also a vision (i.e picture) on those goals, plan every step of a strategy of development up to 12 months, keep track, being more organized...

Once the program is done, would you like to stay in touch with your mentor? 


Thank you, Céline, for sharing your experience with us!

If you think this program could also meet your needs or if you would like to become a mentor, please visit our page or send us an email at Our Mentorship Associate Volunteer would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss further.

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