Published on
May 7, 2017
BC Talents

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Volunteers needed!

You are looking for a first Canadian work experience? You want to develop your skills, expand your network and fill in your resume gaps?

Did you know that, in Canada, volunteering is seen as a full work experience, thus it can help you highlight valuable skills and abilities with your future employer? And on top of that, it could allow you to meet awesome people, take part in great projects and have fun!

What a piece of luck! We are precisely looking for a bunch of volunteers to join our amazing team!

Check out our open positions without further ado! And fill in this form to tell us more about yourself.

What you’ll do:

As a Communication Coordinator,you will:

- Write down content for one of our departments (Mentorship, Events, Blog, or others)

- Develop strategy to reach more people, with our Communication Associate,

- Develop Social Media contents.

As an Event Coordinator, you will:

- Write down content for the following events,

- Look for new speakers,

- Ensure that all the information are displayed before the event,

- Welcome and explain the event to the attendees during the event.

As a Partnership Coordinator, you will:

- Develop relationships with others partners,

- Reinforce the existing relationships.

Some partnerships will include financial aspects.

As a Happiness Coordinator, you will:

Take care of our volunteers:

- Build HR process and update the integration plan,

- Follow up on the yearly review,

- Develop internal mobility and long-term evolution,

- Develop internal courses in our internal university,

Recruit new volunteers:

- Develop a strategy to find the resources to continue our growth,

- Ensure the training of our volunteers,

- Diffuse the management philosophy internally and externally.

Not interested in any of those positions? Still, whatever your skills, your field of expertise or your hidden talent, we could make a good use of it ;) Just let us know what you’d like to do!

What you’ll get anyway:

- The opportunity to boost your creativity, professional skills and make the most of your potential;

- An invaluable access to the hidden job market by expanding your network within the BC professional community ;

- The chance to be part of an awesome passion-driven team, where everyone aims to give the best of himself/herself and act for the good of all, while enriching his/her own professional path;

- A lot of fun during our on-the-kitchen-table meetings, team building events and casual gatherings!

Can’t wait to hear from you!