Marie Nouvellon

2 Master's degree
years in


Active, dynamic, hard-working, leadership
International double-degree
Willing to find innovative solutions

What can I offer?

An Environmental Engineer position A company where I can have a positive impact on the environment: find effective and sustainable solutions to environmental issues A job where I can challenge myself as well as learn from others

Experience and expertises

Research project on the degradation of bioplastics in compost: implemented the experimental protocol following ASTM standards, looked for improvements and recommendations, found efficient solutions to unexpected problems.

Engineering internship for the city of Nantes (France): worked for the water quality department, analyzed the state of the network (number of overflows, presence of flow sensors...), compared with European regulation, estimated the cost of compliance.

Team project in collaboration with a small company specialized in organic waste recovery (s3d): studied the economic and technical feasibility of a domestic digester, using the organic waste of the household to create methane, which would be used for heating and cooking.Team project in collaboration with the city of Nantes: studied the sustainable management of rain waters, using alternative techniques (drainage trenches, green roofs, infiltration wells...), reviewed the literature and made technical sheets for the city.

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