Promote French Expertise & Assets

We truly think that cultural diversity is an asset in the business world. As immigrants from France we share certain standards in education and professional conduct. We decided to come together to highlight French professionals appealing features for BC companies wishing to hire.

Why would a Vancouver company want to select a French talent rather than another one?

Cultural diversity

A French talent is different from a Canadian one, because the school systems are very different and they don’t receive the same education. This cultural diversity enables access to various work approaches that become a valuable asset for an international company when they are combined. As a consequence of their education and roots, French talents often have a refreshing hands-on and pragmatic approach, they are usually deductive thinkers with a strong analytical mindset.


In business, French people often appear extremely direct because they are not afraid to ask probing questions, keeping the best interest of their company in mind. A job description in France is often very wide and constantly evolving, which teaches them to become multitaskers and work efficiently in a cross-functional team. They are very flexible and used to add new tasks to their job if required.

Results oriented

Clear objectives, ambitious goals within tights deadlines are part of French people working habits. Their top management’s expectations are usually very high and French workers are compelled to deliver convincing results to their company. As they are lucky enough to have plenty of holidays, they manage to be effective within short work periods! By the way, France’s productivity is known to be top notch.

As a conclusion, French newcomers are essential for your business. Highly skilled and willing to fit in the Canadian standards, they will bring different expertise and approach to support your growth.

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