We put our passion and energy into our community. We lead series of events where we share our resources and encourage people to build lasting professional relationships. 

Do you want to get involved and join the team? All our positions imply a fair amount of responsibilities to ensure that your experience will help you on your professional journey.


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Our Story

About us

Our story


We are a group of young, dynamic and resourceful French people. We have different background and previous experiences, and we decided to put out energy to the French community. We are all volunteers, and we give our time on the side of our jobs.


In 2015, BC Talents from France was initiated. We began at an informal group that become an official non-profit organization in April 2016. Since the beginning we thread active relationships with the French community to make all of us stronger.


We are dedicated to our community to help newcomers, and professionals willing to invest in their career. We provide advice and guidance with a personalized approach, unique contents, and tools, curated precisely for our community.

For your information, our non-profit organization is entirely run by volunteers and not recognized as a charity by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Our purpose

We help francophone newcomers from Europe adapt to the Canadian culture and thrive in a challenging environment

We identified specific and crucial needs of the French community. What could newcomers do to understand and overcome the cultural gap to find a qualified job in Vancouver? From this point, thanks to motivated volunteers, we guided and helped French newcomers and professionals to understand the Canadian culture better, adapt their job search and excel in the Canadian work environment.

Our values

We believe that cultural diversity is an asset in business. As immigrants from France, we share similar education and professional rules and standards. Our goal is to continue to build the awareness about the multicultural asset in the work environment.


We intend on supporting newcomers by helping them improve their job search techniques. Newcomers often need a local endorsement to make the difference for a BC company. We also provide a great environment to continue to grow and strive in a Canadian context.

Be Accessible

We are always available to help our community. We build free resources and answer your questions through this website and social media.
We organize CONNECTWorking, Face-to-Face, as well as other events to share advice and guide you in your integration.


We strongly believe that our experience and our knowledge of the West Canadian market will make a difference to our community. Along the year, we develop more resources and projects to serve broader and better our community.

Our team

We share a great ambition: to help and mentor all French-speaking newcomers so they can find a qualified job in Vancouver in less than four months and to organize engaging masterclasses. Discover our team members.

Maël Guihéneuf


Marjorie Le Borgne

Social Media Coordinator

Julien Mainguy


Marie Lacrampe

Content Writer


Event Coordinator

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At BC Talents, we all came from a different background with one objective in mind: Helping the French community to integrate the workforce in British-Columbia. We ask them why they decide to join BC Talents and what they got from this experience.

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Do you want to get involve and join the crew? All our positions imply a fairly amount of responsibility and ensure that your experience could help you in your professional path.

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All people on the BC Talents team are volunteers and they don't receive any money for the time they give to BC Talents. Your donation will cover our expenses like the website, leaflets, the newcomers' guide, ...


If you want to help us as a partner, or if you want to share with us your experience and your tips, please contact us.

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