Invest your time & Impact the community

At BC Talents, we are looking for enthusiastic and talented people, willing to invest their time, energy and skills in the francophone community. We have big goals and dreams! You want to share your experience, create something new and meet amazing people. Join us and be part of an passionate team.

Join the team

People we want in our team


You pair action with knowledge and keep clear priorities.


You are resourceful. You want to share your knowledge and experience.
You thrive at delivering your best.


You are talented. You know your strengths. You are creative and want to add value to the community.


You are optimistic. You are willing to grow.


You are interested in building relationships and commit to a community.


You are willing to set goals.
Achievement Oriented

Is that you?

Join the team

We are devoted to the Francophone community, dedicated to help others, attentive to your success and we will offer you our assistance. Also, you will have networking opportunities with other volunteers and professionals through our different events. We organised team building sessions along the year.

Volunteers become Leaders What we offer

We are generous with our intern community. Thanks to BC Talents you will:
Improve your leadership, your communication, and your interpersonal skills. Preserve a deepened connection and commitment to the Francophone community. Build meaningful and enriching relationships with people who share similar journeys. Help others by offering/sharing your experience and guidance.


We BC Talents is a real accelerator for your job search and growth in Vancouver. We will offer you the opportunity to increase your network and to be part of an energetic and openhanded team.

Authentic Equality

We offer an unique space where there is not discrimations. We value your previous experience and your ambition to join us.


We will help you to improve your leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. You will build meaningful and enriching relationships with people who share similar journeys.

A training for all

Whatever your previous knowledge is, joining BC Talents is a great opportunity for your personal and professional development. As a team's member, you will be trained to become a content writer, a brand ambassador and to spread the association's values. You will gain project management and great communication skills.

Current Volunteer Opportunities